Wednesday, 16 February 2011

LS Lowry Statue

This head of L.S. Lowry is part of a life-sized clay model for a bronze statue by Peter Hodgkinson to mark the 35th anniversary of the artist's death, next Wednesday 23 February. Lowry frequented the bar of Sam's Chop House in Manchester, first as a rent collector and later as a client. The pub's current owner, Roger Ward, decided to commission the statue to enable his famous client to resume his seat at the bar. Very enterprising. As far as I know, this is an art first. Photos of Lowry by Sefton Samuels will form an exhibition at the pub. The final delivery of the 300kg bronze statue next Monday will be something to see: it will arrive by dray wagon (heavy horses) and be passed through the pub's largest window by a team of weightlifters. It will be unveiled on the 23rd. Click the title link for a BBC slide show.


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