Thursday, 6 October 2011

Perry's Piffle

If you still don't believe that Turner Prize-winners are a waste of space, take a look at Grayson Perry's Tomb of the Unknown Craftsmen, which he curated himself at The British Museum (title link). It opened today and limps along until 19 February. Of course BBC News jumped all over him in its excitement: CLICK. What's to get excited about? A pink motorcycle, a collection of teddy bears, a denim waistcoat with badges pinned to it, a map of beliefs and a handful of pots. Shown is Grumpy Old God. Incredibly, the charge for viewing this crap is £10. The same price for silver surfers, unless you visit on Monday between noon and 16.30 hours ... er ... 4.30pm; then it's £5. For this tripe? No way! Tell the museum to stuff it.


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