Sunday, 13 November 2011

Monument to Mammon

In the days when I used to rubber-neck around London, St Paul's Cathedral was a place of worship you could freely enter. No more! While researching my post on Ted Harrison's poppy portraits (next post down or CLICK) I was appalled to find out that St Paul's has become a monument to Mammon. Prices at the gate are £14.50 for adults, £13.50 for silver surfers, £5.50 for children and £34.50 for families. There are currently savings of up to £2 on each ticket to be made if you book online for "fast track" entry. Currently you need to book one month in advance! No wonder anti-capitalism protesters are camping outside St Paul's: they can't afford to get in! The illustration I chose for this post is Evelyn De Morgan's The Worship of Mammon (1909). Church of England capitalist fat cats take note.


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