Sunday, 1 July 2012

Ilfracombe Hirst

Here's an artist's impression of what Moneybags Hirst's proposed monstrosity would look like dominating a carpark in the seaside resort of Ilfracombe in Devon, with upraised sword threatening drivers who don't pay their parking charges. Hirst has offered the 65ft-tall (20m) statue to the town on a 20-year-loan. His restaurant could do with it nearby for publicity. English Heritage wants it. So the council are bound to grant it planning permission (CLICK). His 35ft-tall, 13-and-a-half-ton statue of a pregnant woman sectioned to reveal her insides landed in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts for its Summer Exhibition in 2006. That was the second edition of The Virgin Mother (CLICK). The first is in New York. The addition of an upraised sword to this proposed edition would almost double its height. I wonder what it's new title will be. The Ilfracombe Damnation? The Devon Abortion? Damien By The Sea?


At 2/7/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a waste of money and the public doesn't even get to keep it.

At 3/7/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

The public aren't payimg for it. Moneybags is, and he's offering it on a 20-year loan. It's still a monstrosity, unsuitable for a seaside resort.

At 3/7/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might be interesting if someone gets a picture of a lightning strike.

At 3/7/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Yes, that upraised sword looks good for a lightning strike. The video of that could be a YouTube hit.


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