Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Boris Island

Here's one of the most beautiful artist's impressions of an architectural project I've seen. It's from Gensler Architects and shows A Floating Airport in the Thames Estuary. This is the London mayoral idea better known as Boris Island. It would be tethered to the seabed and could be expanded to have six runways. Greedy fatcat Willie Walsh has poo-pooed the proposal, because he wants Londoners to suffer a third runway at Heathrow (CLICK). Just to give you a small example of what Londoners already suffer, on Sunday an Angolan stowaway fell from the sky and landed in Portman Avenue, Mortlake, a residential area in south-west London. Initial reports stated his body had exploded like a ripe melon (CLICK). Boris Island is what we need, and the sooner Government backs the plan and gets on with it the better.


At 13/9/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may be a great architectural marvel, but, isn't the Thames estuary where there is potential for flooding? And they said the Titanic wouldn't sink. Wouldn't it be better to look for places to build a new airport, possibly out of London but near to it, looking like the architectural beauty you have shown?

At 13/9/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

You missed the word "floating". That means it will rise and fall with the tides and won't flood. Try finding a location anywhere else near London and you would have to displace thousands of people and flatten their homes or destroy important wildlife habitats. We are desperately short of homes in our overcrowded city. As for the Titanic, we don't get too many huge icebergs cluttering up the Thames Estuary. Boris Island ticks all the boxes, including the capacity for future expansion. We don't need anywhere near six runways yet, but we will if Willie Walsh has his way.


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