Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Yeo's Nude Sienna

Celebrities showing their baby bumps appears to be the trend. British artist Jonathan Yeo has chosen to unveil his nude portrait of pregnant actress Sienna Miller, Sienna Pregnant (2012), at his exhibition (I've Got You) Under My Skin in Berlin, because "It made sense to me to unveil this image for the first time in Germany, a country with a very relaxed attitude to nudity, where it is not automatically sexualised or deemed scandalous" (CLICK). His point is made by BBC News, which daren't show more than Sienna's face and shoulder. No bare boobs, pubes or other naughty bits for Auntie! Vogue has no qualm about posting a large graphic of Sienna (CLICK). Baby girl Marlowe was born in July. The title of Yeo's exhibition is a pun on plastic surgery. It opens at the Circle Culture Gallery on Friday (CLICK).


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