Monday, 1 April 2013

Failed Opposition

Ed Miliband, Man of Steel.
David Miliband's decision to quit UK politics and become head of the International Rescue Committee charity in New York on a wage packet bigger than President Obama's, according to the Daily Mail, has raised a storm of quibbles (CLICK). His decision could be dismissed as the natural greed of our political class, but I suspect that he sees no future for Labour while his brother remains in charge. Let's face it, Ed Miliband, Man of Steel, is so ineffectual as Leader of the Opposition that he has given the coalition government carte blanche to do whatever it likes, as proven by all those curbs on welfare, legal aid and the NHS which have been inflicted on the poor today, April Fool's Day. The main churches in the UK have now taken up the cudgels on behalf of the poor to try to make up for Labour's inadequacies (CLICK).


At 1/4/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ed Miliband is a lousy leader. He has no ideas of his own and the sooner he goes and the country has an effective opposition the better. Mind you who are we left with, Harman, Balls, Cooper and Burnham? Maybe the wrong Miliband left. The mock-up of the photo is good though. Thanks Coxsoft for giving us a laugh after all that bad weather.

At 1/4/13, Blogger Unknown said...

The unions voted for Ed and got the wally they deserve. I'm sure David would have made a much better Leader of the Opposition.


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