Sunday, 7 July 2013

Abu Qatada Goes!

With apologies to Douglas Adams, I thought this graphic was the best way to say tat-ta to Islamic fruitcake Abu Qatada - real name Imar Othman -, who has finally been deported back to Jordon to face trial: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. The cost of ridding the UK of this dangerous and most undesirable alien has been estimated at £1.7m ($2.5m). And we sent him off in a private jet (CLICK)! The big question is: How many more Muslim fundamentalist nutters do we have preaching murder in the UK and can we afford to deport them all? The latest Muslim atrocity took place in Nigeria's Mamudo town, Yobe state. A gang of suspected Islamists, almost certainly belonging to Boko Haram, attacked a school and set fire to it while pupils were still inside. At least 29 pupils and a teacher were murdered. Children who escaped the blaze were shot dead (CLICK). "Islam is peace"? Pull the other leg; it has bells on it.


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