Monday, 9 September 2013

After 9/11 Found

This is Miya Ando's hideous "sculpture" After 9/11 (2011) in the Cambridgeshire farmyard where it had been dumped after Mayor Bouncy Boris unveiled it two years ago (CLICK). This pile of rusting junk was intended as a memorial to the nearly 3000 victims of the Islamic loonies' attack on the twin towers, but the relatives of the British dead thought it too "disturbing" and none of the London boroughs wanted it. The only things in its favour are that it contains a girder from one of the towers and had been donated to London by a New York charity. Bouncy Boris has now promised to install it in the Olympic Park (CLICK).


At 10/9/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 11/9/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Blame the artist. As a work of art it badly missed its mark. I don't see a memorial to the innocent people who died. I see a glorification of the destructive power wielded by Osama Bin Laden. Wrong message completely. I can undertand why the British relatives of the dead found it "disturbing".

At 12/9/13, Anonymous Dion said...

I didn't mind it so much Ian. Probably a little too realist for what it's meant to be memorializing, but I have seen worse outdoor sculpture. It's definitely no Guernica though.

At 12/9/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Hi, Dion

I loathed it from the start. It looks even worse since it's been rusting in a farmyard. I much prefer the American cow I posted today. It actually looks as though it is commemorating something important.


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