Thursday, 10 October 2013

Elizabeth & Raleigh

It always helps to have a new exhibition kicked off by a discovery. Elizabeth I & Her People opened today at the National Portrait Gallery in London (CLICK). While cleaning a portrait of Sir Walter Raleigh in preparation for the show, conservators found a moon and strip of sea in the top left corner. This is taken as a sign of Raleigh's secret passion for the Queen, represented by the moon. He of course is represented by the sea. To me it looks like monumental crawling to the most powerful woman in England. CLICK for a close-up and a lot more waffle on this subject. It doesn't persuade me that the exhibition is worth £12.20 or £11.30 for silver surfers. On Wednesdays silver surfers can enter for only £10.40, saving 90p. Big deal!


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