Monday, 11 November 2013

John Lewis Xmas Ad

The John Lewis Christmas TV commercial has confused critics and punters alike to such an extent that the BBC has posted 10 interpretations of it (CLICK). They all miss the point. So here's Coxsoft's view. The money-grubbing executives of big companies want to persuade the public that they are nice chaps who are on the punters' side. So give us a cosy animation of impossible friendship between animals, a bear and a hare. Aren't we nice folk at John Lewis to give you this heart-warming Christmas fantasy? Sorry, executives, it doesn't wash with me. You're just trying to grab your share of the Christmas market.


At 12/11/13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It left me cold. Very predictable and not worth a second viewing.

Possibly it might appeal to the ZOMG!!1111 generation - who seem to be a throwback to Victorian mawkish sentimentality.

At 12/11/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

In other words "typically Christmasy": boring and a relief when it's over. Loan lenders like Wonga will make fortunes out of it.


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