Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stanley Spencer

A week ago I posted news of Stanley Spencer: Heaven in a Hell of War at Somerset House (CLICK). The exhibition opened today and BBC News has posted a slide show of exhibits, including this Self-portrait (CLICK). It's enough to put you off! Whoever decided these panels are his finest works is clueless. CLICK to view 190 of his works on Your Paintings. His landscapes, botanical paintings and portraits are terrific, but his soldiers are mere cartoons.


At 8/11/13, Anonymous JohnL said...

Have you seen the paintings at Burghclere? I can't believe you would call them mere cartoons if you had. They are an incredible work of art, an astonishing physical and mental accomplishment and I found the whole experience very moving, artistically and historically. I believe you are missing the point by dismissing them because they are not painted in a realistic style. The energy and chaos of war are all there in those paintings! Have another look!

At 8/11/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Hi, John

Seeing these paintings at their home in Burghclere probably gave them a more emotional impact for you. Seeing the panels online did nothing for me. In fact none of his paintings with his trademark chunky cartoon-like figures appeals to me. Maybe I've seen too many realistic portrayals of WWI. I'll stick with his beautiful landscapes and botanical paintings.


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