Sunday, 11 May 2014

Euro Song Fiasco

I find it difficult to believe that 120 million people watched yesterday's Eurovision Song Contest: more than 3 hours of the most tedious television imaginable. Party political broadcasts are more fun. It's enough to make anyone with any sense want to get the hell out of Europe. Vote UKIP to save us from Eurovision's moronic tedium of bad music and fireworks. But will Nigel save us? Even in Britain an average of 8.8 million fans watched drag queen Conchita Wurst, known as The Bearded Lady, warble Rise Like a Phoenix to win the competition for Austria (CLICK).


At 14/5/14, Anonymous Dion said...

Luckily for me I can't afford a television at the moment! ;-)

At 14/5/14, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Hi, Dion

Don't tell me they show the Eurovision Song Contest in Australia! It's enough to make Australians go republican.

While ignoring all that rubbish on my TV, I did watch the winning entry on my PC, just out of curiosity. Rise Like a Phoenix should have been called "Rise of Viagra".

I must post that photo you used of the bad taste wagon rear that annoyed the police.

At 15/5/14, Anonymous Dion said...

Yeah it has a cult following here. Like, it's so bad that it's good kinda thing.

The bad taste post brought out a rabid feminist too. Argh, I don't miss them. They used to bother me before when I was posting more on art news blog. They should know by now that if they say go left I will go right lol

At 15/5/14, Blogger Ian Cox said...

Strewth! Whatever next? Is this the BBC version with Graham Norton doing his daft thing?

Re. the bad taste post. Look on the bright side. If it had been a handsome youth trussed up in the tailgate picture, the gay lobby would have jumped on you from a great height. At least in Britain they would. The thought police monitor our tweets for anything that isn't politically correct.

At 15/5/14, Anonymous Dion said...

Our version has some Aussies introducing the songs. I haven't watched it for a few years now though.

I'm much too much of a troublemaker to bow to the thought police :-)

ps.. that captcha comment moderation thing is almost impossible to understand! The words and the audio.

At 15/5/14, Blogger Ian Cox said...

You're not the first person to complain about that CAPTCHA thingy. I disabled it after complaints, but promptly started getting all sorts of rubbishy spam emails, so I was forced to enable it again.

The trick is to click for a new one until you get one you can read. Some are a lot more legible than others.


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