Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Waterloo 2nd Win

The French are still miffed about losing the Battle of Waterloo. Back in March I showed a Belgian two-euro commemorative coin to mark the 200th anniversary of the battle, which was fought in Belgium. The French blocked the coin on the spurious grounds that it would create tensions when Europe's unity is under threat (CLICK). The Belgian mint has got round the French protest by issuing these new 2.5-euro commemorative coins, using a rule that allows eurozone countries to issue coins in irregular denomination (CLICK). So France has effectively lost the Battle of Waterloo twice! Makes your heart sing, doesn't it?


At 15/6/15, Anonymous www,rt.com said...

Hi Ian, would it be possible for RT to film a short interview with you on this for our Waterloo coverage? Is there a way we can contact you at all?

At 16/6/15, Blogger Ian Cox said...


Thanks for your question. I doubt I could add anything in an interview. You need a historian. But you're welcome to quote my blog on the subject.


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