Wednesday 6 December 2006

Coxsoft Art Scambuster!

Coxsoft Art's 4Kb GIF replica of the official 60Kb JPG Consumer Direct logoToday, Coxsoft Art scored 100% on The Office of Fair Trading's scambuster quiz (click HERE to test your knowledge). I was led to this quiz by a new Motley Fool article by Cliff D'Arcy: Six Scams To Shun! (Click HERE to read it.) The Office of Fair Trading has an excellent scambusters page (click HERE). My title link takes you to Consumer Direct for advice. UK readers note the telephone number above. Why am I telling you this? Research group Chatham House estimates that the Nigerian Mafia is ripping off Brits for more than £150m every year! The average victim loses £31,000. We have lost billions of pounds in the last decade. The Nigerian Government does nothing to curb its criminals, because this is a welcome boost for its economy, and the UK Government is too incompetent. (Click HERE for the BBC story.) What annoys me is that naive do-gooders are sending our old PC's to Nigeria and other "underdeveloped" countries, when they could be giving them to honest UK pensioners. The Nigerians don't even want our old PC's; they want our hard drives, stacks of which line Nigerian markets. Why? We don't wipe our hard drives; we merely delete files! Good undelete software can retrieve those files with all their personal details: email addresses, passwords, banking links! The hardware is dumped. It should be made a criminal offence to send our old PC's abroad.


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