Wednesday 9 July 2008

Riotous Hags Record

Francisco de Goya - Bajar Rinendo (Down They Come) ca 1812 to 1829Those three recently discovered sketches by Francisco de Goya fetched a total of £4m at Christie's London auction yesterday. Bajar Rinendo (Down They Come) broke the record for a Goya work on paper: £2.2m. To see the other two CLICK, CLICK. Jean-Antoine Watteau's La Surprise - estimated value £5m - sold for £12.3m, a record price for any French old master painting sold at auction. Click the title link to see this work and to compare it with the BBC's ludicrous description: "shows a musician tuning his guitar as he sits next to an amorous couple". For Goodness' sake, Auntie! The painting shows a guitarist serenading an amorous couple. How can the incompetent clots who run the BBC defend their huge salary increases? (CLICK for the BBC Annual Report.)


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