Tuesday 7 January 2014

Picasso Linocuts

The British Museum has acquired two sets of Picasso linocuts for an undisclosed sum (CLICK). It must have been a hefty sum, because the museum needed donations from the Art Fund, the Patrons of the British Museum and private donors. Shown is Picasso's Still Life under the Lamp (1962). The other set of proofs is his Jacqueline Reading (1962). I'm reminded of a quotation from Philip Hoffman, chief executive of the London-based Fine Art Fund. “These days rich people want to buy works by high-profile big-name artists. It’s not an art historical decision. They’re after brands.” Ditto for The British Museum, it seems. Picasso may have been a rubbish artist, but brand Picasso is alive and well and raking in the dosh.


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