Wednesday, 29 March 2006

Ceramics China 2006

Ceramics China logo
Coxsoft Art has received an invitation to attend the 20th Ceramics China exhibition, which takes place in Guangzhou from 16 May to 19 May 2006. Maggy Zeng, Overseas Project Manager for CCPIT, assures me this is one of the three largest ceramic industry exhibitions in the world and the most influential one in the Asia-Pacific region.
To be honest, Maggy, I'm not into ceramics in a big way, despite the two preceding blogs, and I'm not sure whether this exhibition is about hi-tech ceramics or Chinese Toby jugs. And I'm worried about bird flu. So I'll give it a miss, but thanks for the invitation.
If you can persuade your boss to send you to Guangzhou at the firm's expense, click the title link (very slow with lots of Flash Player nonsense) or e-mail Maggy at


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