Saturday, 19 August 2006

Jerwood Space

The Seeing Space (groan)Jerwood Space in Bankside is grey. Jerwood website is grey. Both look as though they were created by an office designer whose only inspiration was the colour of your average PC. The one illustration I found on this grey website was also grey. The effect is that of an empty office waiting for the typing pool to move in and decorate it with their family photos, potted plants and teddy bears. The Miniature Worlds Show continues until 9 September. If you want to attract the punters, you've got to do better than this.


At 30/8/06, Blogger Richard @ Jerwood Space said...

The Miniature Worlds Show has been a very busy, so no accounting for the grey effect you perceive. On our PCs, it's blue. Anyway, the Space is supposed to be neutral: it's all about what happens inside - the exhibitions vary enormously in scale & colour and the (light, white) rehearsal spaces (i.e. the bit of the iceberg that's often ignored) are very conducive to getting the best out of development time.
Richard Lee


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