Monday, 9 October 2006

Art Sliding Downhill

Carsten Holler - Test Site (2006)The Press had fun today trying out Carsten Holler's installation Test Site in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall. Girlie screams rent the air as art correspondents hurtled down 5 giant helter-skelters and thumped their buttocks on the floor. Yes, it's funfair time at Tate Modern. Forget art. That doesn't pull the punters in. Give the yuppies a playground without kids to get in the way. This dangerous nonsense opens to the public tomorrow - admission free - and continues until Health & Safety puts a stop to it. At least one lady managed to bang her head on the bottom of a slide in full view of BBC London's TV camera. Whiplash Willie should make a bob or two out of this one.


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