Sunday, 15 October 2006

New Turner Found!

Etienne Saint-Amant - Ineffable Acalmie NeolithiqueArt4Heart is attracting some impressive talent. Its October newsletter features award-winning Canadian artist/mathematician Etienne Saint-Amant, who creates digital pictures using Ultra Fractals and Chaos Theory. Strewth! Coxsoft Art still hasn't got its head round decimalization: all those bloody millimetre thingies instead of inches, feet and yards! (The UK never fully adopted the decimal system. It jumps from millimetres to metres with nothing between, except cubic centimetres for vehicle engines. One of those pesky millimetre thingies measures about half a 16th of an inch. How can you figure out the size of an electric toaster when you have to read its dimensions in half 16ths of an inch?) Etienne seems to have figured it out, but then he never had to learn Brit. fractions. Anyway, his art makes J. M. Turner look like a has-been. Click the title link for more.


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