Friday, 9 February 2007

BBC on Banksy's Trail

Banksy Rat on BBC PropertyHere's a classic example of an overweight corporation losing track of what its different departments are doing. Yesterday, BBC News website posted a story by Fiona Pryor, its entertainment reporter, entitled On the trail of artist Banksy. Fiona is clueless that her trail had already been blazed five months ago by BBC News Profiles Unit's Bob Chaundy, and she hasn't discovered as much as Bob posted. (Coxsoft Art posted a link to this news on 17 September 2006.) Banksy is 32/33-year-old Robert Banks from Bristol, who began spraying graffiti as an unhappy 14-year-old schoolboy. He was expelled from school, has received no formal art education and has allegedly served time in detention for petty crime (CLICK). There you go, Fiona! How much does Aunty pay you for doing a useless job? By the way, if you enter Banksy into the Blogger Beta search box, you'll be shown all 17 posts in which I mention Banksy, including the graphics. This is much better than old Blogger, which merely listed the posts it found.


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