Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Dandy at 70

Cover of Dandy Xtreme (2007)Publisher DC Thomson has changed the format of The Dandy - the world's longest running comic - in this its 70th year. It is now a pull-out "comix" supplement in a new fortnightly kiddie "lifestyle" magazine: Dandy Xtreme. (Groan!) Feedback from kids suggested they were too busy to read a weekly comic! Too Busy? The Dandy was never more than a 10-minute read, which is the reason I never bought it as a kid. Plus the art was lousy and the stories daft. I'd find old issues in the dentist's waiting room and read a couple to take my mind off the pain to come. Too busy? Too lazy to struggle with the speech balloons, more like it!


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