Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Pakistani YouTube Mess

Islam is Peace: a Muslim woman (or cross-dresser) demonstrates in London in 2006Don't you love it when censorship backfires and creates the opposite effect? The loss of YouTube for two hours last Sunday, caused by Pakistan's hamfisted attempt to block a video it deemed anti-Islamic, is a case in point (CLICK). One of its effects has been to create a resurgence of interest in those Danish cartoons which caused so much insane fuss. Bloggers have been quick to point to websites where the cartoons can be found (title link). My review of those cartoons was critical (CLICK), but one of them did make a valid point: brainwashed dupes who blow themselves up in hope of being transported to a giggle of admiring virgins deserve to be lampooned. See also Laughter: a basic human right (CLICK).


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