Friday, 30 May 2008

Gustav Klimt Update

Gustav Klimt - Two Girls with an Oleander (ca 1890-2)I hope you noticed on Wednesday that I didn't quibble about the admission prices for Tate Liverpuddle's Gustav Klimt: Painting, Design & Modern Life In Vienna 1900, which opened today. That's because I suspect this is a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition. Not only are Klimt's works fetching astronomical bids at auction (CLICK), but also some of them are too fragile to be readily available for international loan. BBC News reports that more than 16,000 tickets have already been sold and that Tate expects to exceed its target of 100,000 visitors (CLICK). Klimt's Two Girls with an Oleander (ca 1890-2), which I've never seen before, is one of the exhibits (CLICK). It's a sad fact that subtle, beautiful artworks such as this are overshadowed by Klimt's "progressive" gimmicks. But perk up, Coxsoft. Culture Secretary Andy Burnham said yesterday the exhibition is a "major coup". Nice to know he reads Coxsoft Art News (CLICK). To book tickets click the title link.


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