Sunday, 31 August 2008

£1,300 For Asian Prints

Chila Burman - Autoportrait (detail)Leicester's New Walk Museum & Art Gallery has lashed out £1,300 on two prints of Chila Burman’s Autoportraits: Fly Girl Series 1993 and Fly Girl in Harlem 1996-2003, with help from the The Art Fund. The two self-portraits allegedly satirise an Asian woman's life in Britain. (For my US readers, Asians are folk from the Indian sub-continent, not from the Orient who are Orientals.) I wouldn't have paid £1 for this mess, but Chila does have two diplomas. That's what counts with the Brit. Anti-art Establishment. "Art, Carruthers? What's that? Does the gel have a diploma to prove she's kosher? Yes? Oh goodie. Buy two, if The Art Fund is daft enough to subsidize the purchase."


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