Friday, 29 August 2008

Banksy Votes Labour

Banksy - Essex Road (2008)Banksy is a Labour party supporter. He donated Sketch for Essex Road to a fundraising campaign for Red Ken; but, because Banksy remains anonymous, the party couldn't check his credentials as a "permissible lender". So it had to return £75,000 of the money raised by the Aquarium Gallery. This version of Essex Road, which shows children pledging allegiance to a Tesco bag in Yankee style, was painted on the side of a chemist's shop. (Brit's don't pledge allegiance to the Union Jack, because we don't really regard ourselves as British; we're English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish, except when Team GB does well. Then we're British!)


At 29/8/08, Blogger Robert said...

If you are quarter Scottish, quarter Irish and half English (by birth) and were born and live in one of the British Isles ruled by a British Sovereign, you might feel just a little British!

Whig or Tory (in their original meaning) confuses us, but ‘He is an Englishman’……a good song in ‘Pinafore’ (G&S)

At 30/8/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Hi, Robert

Do you mean you actually know what those foreigners from other parts of Britain are saying? I've had conversations with Scots with accents so thick I really struggled to figure out what they were talking about. And on a trip to Wales I had to learn their lingo for Gents and Ladies, so I didn't go in the wrong loo! And a night's boozing in an Irish pub in the East End of London taught me how the Irish hate the English. (I was safe, because I was the guest of the gang boss's brother, but I didn't know any Irish rebel songs when it came to the early morning drunken sing-song.) I was glad to get back to England the following day, just a few miles down the road!

At 31/8/08, Blogger Robert said...

Poor Ian perhaps you should come and live in Dorset!

At 1/9/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

And join what the BBC calls "White Flight"? I'd probably find I had difficulty with the local dialect. You have funny names for dales. Even in Norfolk you can find English folk who seem to speak a foreign language! And a true Cornishman!

I did have a Scottish godmother. Lovely lady, and I could understand every word she said, but then she had lived in England most of her life and had been a legal secretary and a medical secretary in the days when those were posh jobs and well paid. She never lost her Scottish accent, though. It had an attractive lilt, like that of some Indian ladies.

At 2/9/08, Blogger Robert said...

You get used to the dialect here, it is charming and much to be cherished against the 'mid atlantic'. We have lots of Yorkshire accents down here too.

At 3/9/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Round here, most of the Cockneys have joined "White Flight". Some days I'm the only Englishman on a crowded bus. Everyone around me is rabbiting in Urdu, Russian, Polish, Gugerati, Punjabi or Jamaican pigeon English. Wait till you hear one foreigner trying to give another foreigner directions and the only language they have in common is broken English!
Most of our postmen here are immigrants, and they haven't a clue where they're going!


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