Monday, 27 April 2009

Maxfield Parrish Murals

Maxfield Parrish - Detail from Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Murals, East Wall Panel (1914-18)I view so much pretentious tripe while researching this blog that it becomes a real pleasure to find a true work of art from one of the world's greatest illustrators: Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966). The Renaissance youth chatting up the girls is a detail from the East Wall Panel of The Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Murals. (Click the title link for the full graphic.) Parrish spent World War I working on this project. Two of the seven murals were stolen in 2002 and haven't been recovered. Maxfield Parrish: The Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Murals will be on show in the Bell Gallery, Tyler Museum of Art, Texas, from 3 May until 13 September, admission free.


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