Monday, 14 November 2011

Miss World 2

Yesterday BBC News finally admitted that Ivian Sarcos, Miss Venezuela, was crowned Miss World 2011 in London! The one week's delay in reporting this politically incorrect item seems to have been caused by Auntie's needing to commission a feminist professor - Mary Beard - to write an essay on the evils of beauty pageants for BBC News Magazine (title link). Her Point of View is consigned to Radio 4, to make sure no naughty male TV producer tries to show video clips from the "cattle market". For a prof. Mary is very subjective and unscientific about the whole thing, but she did manage to sit through the show ("a peek") - streamed live online - and didn't feel as angry as she used to. Nice to know. As for the poor TV licence payers, I suppose we must resign ourselves to living in a feminist totalitarian regime guarded by the BBC Thought Police. Big Auntie is watching us!


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