Saturday, 7 April 2012

Titanic Heritage

In case you're wondering why we're being swamped by Titanic reminders - TV documentaries, docu-dramas, movies and a 3D re-release of James Cameron's film Titanic - it's because the 100th anniversary of its sinking occurs this month, 15 April to be precise. It hit the iceberg late on the 14th and sank two-and-a-half hours later. UNESCO in Paris has declared that the undersea wreck will come under the protection of the 2001 Convention on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage once it passes the 100th anniversary of its sinking (title link). This means the signatory governments can seize artifacts stolen from the Titanic or prevent exploration "deemed unscientific or unethical." The Henry Ford Museum in the USA has opened an exhibition of Titanic memorabilia (CLICK). The photo shows an ornate light fitting on the Grand Staircase of the Titanic, one of the luxurious appointments of the liner.


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