Thursday, 9 August 2012

Africa Village Shut

If you were thinking of visiting Africa Village in Kensington Gardens, forget it. This hospitality centre for African nations competing in the Olympic Games has been forced to close, because it owes suppliers hundreds of thousands of pounds (CLICK). There'll probably be a few more wars in the Dark Continent to decide who is going to pay. Meanwhile, African Olympians are defecting in droves. Three have absconded from Sudan, one of whom has already applied for asylum, and seven Cameroonian athletes have also vanished (CLICK). To see photos of what you missed in Africa Village CLICK. Not a lot, as you'll see. The Notting Hill Carnival is better.


At 10/8/12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same thing happened at the Sydney Olympics with Olympians absconding. How many other Olympics have had people absconding. Also, are they missing or are they absconding?

At 10/8/12, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

I haven't been keeping count. I doubt many sought asylum in China!


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