Monday, 6 August 2012

Bare Breasts Protest

There's no escaping the Olympics in London. On Friday a handful of French Femen activists tried out a new Olympic discipline they call Islamic Marathon. The object is to see how long you can sport your bare boobs before the fuzz turn up to collar you. Sadly the stopwatch was stolen by a Romanian pickpocket; so we don't know who won. (Just my little joke.) As you can see from the photo, Londoners didn't turn a hair. We've seen it all before. So what were these Femens baring their chests about? The message "No Sharia" on this woman's breasts gives you a hint. They were complaining about the International Olympic Committee's decision to allow women athletes from strict Islamic countries to compete in the Games (CLICK). Plonkers! Don't they realise that the IOC put Saudi Arabia in particular under pressure to include woman athletes in its team or be excluded from the Games (CLICK)? Three Arab countries included women in their teams for the first time this year. I don't see how you can complain about the IOC forcing misogynist Muslims to take a modest step in the right direction. Outcome: the fuzz arrested four topless protesters, covered their boobs and took them to a police station, where they were cautioned and released.


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