Sunday, 12 August 2012

Olympics End

The London Summer Olympiad 2012 is nearly over. The couch potatoes will have to find something else to gawk at. The independent Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 has declared it the greenest games ever, but muttered darkly about the "social ethics" of some of the sponsors (CLICK). I missed the individual all-round gymnastics, which is one of the more artistic events. Here is Chrystalleni Trikomiti of Greece in the qualification match at Wembley Arena. Below are my favourite moments in gold stamps. Top Jessica Ennis, Athletics Combined Women's Heptathlon, and Nicola Adams, Boxing Women's Fly Weight. Bottom: Andy Murray, Tennis Men's Singles, and Charlotte Dujardin, Equestrian Dressage Individual. First day covers are already appearing on eBay. You can order them from Royal Mail for £4.80 and they will be posted to you from the Olympic Stadium address (CLICK). Collectors' items. Royal Mail must be making a fortune.


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