Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Andy in Beano

Will the media ever stop frolicking with excitement over Andy Murray's historic Wimbledon win? The 75th anniversary issue of The Beano will feature Andy and Judy Murray (2013) with Andy playing Minnie the Minx (CLICK). Some of the more serious pundits have commented that Virginia Wade's 1977 Wimbledon win seems to have been airbrushed out of history. And what of Ann Haydon-Jones championship win over Billie Jean King in 1969? The trouble is in those days the Wimbledon ladies singles championship was little more than a fashion show for Teddy Tinling's tennis outfits. Who was wearing his frilly knickers this year was the big news on Ladies Day (CLICK). If you wanted real tennis without the frills, you watched the men's singles championship.


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