Friday 4 July 2014

V&A and China

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's recent visit to Great Britain wasn't entirely wasted. He and host David Cameron visited the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in London to preside over the signing of an historic deal between the Victoria and Albert Museum and China Merchants Group (CMG). The V&A will advise on setting up a collection of art and design in CMG's new Shekou Museum in Shenzhen. It will also help train management and will have its own dedicated gallery in the new museum to present major V&A exhibitions. Japanese architect Fumihiko Maki has designed the Shekou Museum (model shown) which will open in 2016 (CLICK). Remember, lads, no bribery and no bonking your Chinese girlfriends in front of video cams. (I understand from reading novels by Qiu Xiaolong that seductive Chinese cuties come as part of the service when you book a private room in a posh restaurant.)


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