Monday 10 November 2014

Hogarth's Birthday

Today is the birthday of William Hogarth, one of England's most inventive artists, the father of western sequential art which eventually led to the ubiquitous comic strip. Also, this year marks the 250th anniversary of his death. BP Spotlights at Tate Britain is currently showing a collection of his paintings, chalk drawings and prints (CLICK). Hogarth House in Chiswick, west London, reopened in 2011 after an extensive restoration (CLICK to read more and find a link to an excellent video). Shown is his painting Hogarth's Servants (mid 1750s). The National Gallery has a number of his paintings, including the complete 6-part series Marriage A-la-Mode. Hogarth's bust is in Leicester Square, where his town house once stood and where movies - the epitome of sequential art - are premiered (CLICK).


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