Saturday 12 July 2014

Cameron's Crumpet

Wondering who PM David Cameron will pick for his girlie team, the Daily Mail has posted pictures of the 80 female MPs he has to choose from (CLICK). They are a mostly uninspiring and unimaginative bunch, middle-aged with dyed blonde hair. I doubt he can recognise half of them. Some of the 50 pluses have photos that look like they were taken years ago. And quite a few seem to have retired from high-powered jobs to take it easy in the Commons. Not encouraging. I could find only three that seemed worth a place in the new team: Justine Greening (top) 40 is in the bottom 50 for expenses claims. I'll vote for that. Theresa Villiers (below) 41 is keen to preserve the Green Belt. I'll vote for that. And Chloe Smith (right) 27 is an atheist. I'll vote for that too.


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