Friday, 31 March 2006

Spam fakes BBC News

The latest spam threat is from e-mails containing BBC News stories. These e-mails tempt the recipients into visiting a fake BBC website to "Read more". The fake website exploits a flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer to install "keylogger" software on your computer. This monitors financial websites and sends confidential information back to the criminals involved. Microsoft promises a patch to block this loophole in its next security update on or before 11 April. These updates are free. If you don't use them, you're daft. My copy of Internet Explorer has been updated at least 15 times. Click START, then WINDOWS UPDATE.
Don't worry about any of the links in Coxsoft Art Blog which take you to a BBC News item. Ditto if you're a subscriber or you receive Coxsoft e-mails via FeedBlitz. These aren't spam; you asked for them. Nothing published by Coxsoft Art Blog will take you to a fake BBC website.


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