Friday, 31 March 2006

Spare Little Mermaid's blushes

Edward Eriksen - The Little Mermaid (1913)
One of the world's most famous works of art, Edvard Eriksen's bronze statue The Little Mermaid, has sat on her boulder in Copenhagen since 1913 and has suffered many attacks by vandals. She has been clambered on by lager louts, has been daubed with paint on at least seven occasions, has lost an arm and has twice been beheaded. None of this has phased city officials, but now the worst indignity of all has befallen our heroine. This month, on International Women's Day, some foul feminist put a sex toy in The Little Mermaid's hand! After 92 years, city officials have finally been stirred into trying to protect her. They are considering having her moved several metres (those thingies foreigners use instead of yards) into the harbour. Why did it take a sex toy to stir them into protecting their most famous work of art? We staid old Brits regard Copenhagen as the liberated, pot-smoking, porn capital of Europe; yet one sex toy in the wrong hand makes the Danes go ballistic!


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