Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Siddiqua Shahnawaz

Siddiqua Shahnawaz - Soul of Kutchh No 5
How's this for effective minimalist art? It arrived in an e-mail from Art4heart, a website which showcases new artists. Most of their work doesn't appeal to me, but this graphic caught my eye. The artist's name is Siddiqua Shahnawaz. She's an Indian settled in the USA and her art is selling. I'm curious to see what she paints when she gets over her pots phase. Great pots, but my interest wanes after a few minutes. Click the title link to visit her website. Click Art4heart to visit her page there.


At 27/9/06, Blogger Siddiqua Shahnawaz said...

It was quite interesting seeing my name come up in your blog :)
I've shifted gears and am now experimenting in marbling techniques. Its queer that a wonderful art like marbling has not got the attention it deserves.
But maybe that will change. My new work can be seen at
Thank you!
Siddiqua Shahnawaz


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