Sunday, 12 August 2007

Samuel Johnson Update

Sir Joshua Reynolds - Portrait of Samuel Johnson (detail)The vandal arrested for taking a hammer to Sir Joshua Reynolds' portrait of Samuel Johnson in the National Portrait Gallery, London, is Mark Paton, who lives in a shelter in - guess where - the London Borough of Redbridge. Council slogan: "Redbridge - a better place to live". We have the highest rate of car-jackings in the UK. I've given up reporting the many knifings, shootings and murders in Redbridge. Two of my colleagues have recently been mugged. My local high street is plagued by gangs of youths who smash shop windows and set fires. Our local police are useless, our roads overcrowded, many of our GPs' lists too full for more patients. Yet Tory councillors have recently voted to sell off some of the last green spaces we have (CLICK) in order to squeeze more undesirables like Mark Paton into the Redbridge ghetto!


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