Monday, 11 March 2013

Camden Duff Arts

The Camden Art Centre continues to plumb the depths of duff art with its two latest shows, aided and abetted by Arts Council England. Serena Korda: Aping The Beast features a Godzilla-like monster (left) and a dead cat. Dorothy Iannone: Innocent and Aware comes with a warning: "Please note that some works in the exhibition are of an explicit nature". Right is a detail from The Next Great Moment In History Is Ours (1970), which gives you an idea of what to expect: doodles of Ms Iannone's memories of aping the beast in her search for love. The blurb is an unbelievable proclamation of the triumph of screwing around ... er ... I mean the "pursuit of ‘ecstatic unity' through transcendence and spirituality" (CLICK).


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