Friday, 14 June 2013

Outsider Art

Would you like to save £11? Yes? Then don't visit the Hayward Gallery's latest exhibition: Alternative Guide to the Universe (CLICK). It revels in "outsider art", such as Yulu Wu's Yao Kong Chuan Yi Xiao La Che (Remote Controlled Cart with Clothing), which trundles around the exhibition. Brenda Emmanus visited the show for London Art News (CLICK). Sadly, the BBC cut out the best bit where Brenda races Yulu Wu's daft whatsit. If you want to know more about "outsider art", Will Gompertz is your man to explain it (CLICK). Personally I think the Hayward Gallery has run out of ideas on what insider tripe to promote. Why on earth does Arts Council England keep funding the place? It's a complete waste of public money.


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