Thursday, 13 June 2013

Queen's Portrait Defaced

Breaking news: Ralph Heimans' 9ft x 11ft painting The Coronation Theatre, Westminster Abbey: A Portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, which I favourably reviewed last year (CLICK), was sprayed with turquoise paint at lunchtime this afternoon. It has been on display in the Chapter House of Westminster Abbey since May. Security staff collared the vandal, who was arrested by police and taken to a central London police station (CLICK). The 41-year-old man is reportedly a member of Fathers 4 Justice, which campaigns against the sexism of allowing children to be cut off from their fathers, who are treated as nothing more useful than meal tickets under English law. Half of ex-husbands lose all contact with their children within two years of divorce, due to vengeful, child-abusive ex-wives. And this Sunday is Father's Day!


At 13/6/13, Blogger A. Sim said...

The Queen advocates family life. She would deplore Mothers from cutting the children off from their Fathers. Men are just as entitled to see their children. Children are made by two parents. The very desperate Father who sprayed the picture may have got Fathers 4 Justice in the headlines but he may have alienated a lot of people. That isn't the way to get your message across. The painting was lovely. Her Majesty deserves better. Father's Day is about love. Men who do not get the chance to see their children must have the law changed. Children deserve both parents equally. If Mothers stop their children from seeing their Fathers they are lousy Mothers and should have the full force of the law brought down on them.

At 14/6/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

You raise a lot of points. The one you missed is that it is psychologically harmful for children - both sexes - to be denied access to their fathers. Drug addiction, alcoholism, juvenile delinquency and the inability to form lasting relationships have all been linked to the child's denial of access to Father. Our sexist society refuses to recognize this well established fact. The situation is getting worse, not better. Our allegedly family friendly government is now denying legal aid to fathers!

At 14/6/13, Blogger A. Sim said...

Is there a petition we can all sign to change things? I agree about the psychological damage. Children in two parent families fair better or at least if they have regular contact with their Father. The government and all political parties need to champion the rights of the child better and need to realise the harm that it brings the child to be denied the chance to see both parents regularly. Am I right in thinking that if a man doesn't pay child maintainance he has the full force of the law brought down on him but if the Mother doesn't allow the child to see the Father and she has been told by the court to allow the child to see the Father or he hasn't yet got he court to tell the Mother to allow the child tobsee him, he has to fight tooth and nail to get access? The law needs to be changed. Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers and may those fighting to see their child be allowed to.

At 14/6/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...

No petition, I'm afraid.

It's even worse than you suggest. Many female judges, barristers, solicitors, court welfare officers and social workers are man-hating feminists who love to see fathers squirm.

As a small example, I recall one case in which a social worker advised a dad not to see his children for a while to let things calm down. He accepted her advice. When it came to the court hearing, she advised the court that Dad hadn't made any attempt to see his children! Lost case.

Only today, in the news, some unscientific clots blamed men for women getting the menopause! That's the type of ignorant, feminist thinking fathers are up against. No law will change it.

At 17/6/13, Blogger A. Sim said...

Which idiots blamed men for that? Children need two opinions not one. They need to know about things from two parents. The law is in favour of women and men need to see their children more. Fathers offer a lot more than just money. There aren't enough male primary school teachers and children who aren't allowed to see their Fathers start their life with no male role models. They need to see Fathers and need to have an outlook which has a man's opinion.

At 17/6/13, Blogger Ian Cox said...



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