Friday, 5 May 2006

Sacred and Profane Love

Giovanni Baglioni - Two Versions (1602-3)
VikkiQueen's RoboRen 5 entry got me wondering. The style of the original is Caravaggio's, but the execution...the angel would need a broken wrist to hold her arrow at that angle. VikkiQueen was kind enough to point me in the right direction: Giovanni Baglioni, who painted two versions of Sacred and Profane Love, both circa 1602. The one on the right is known as Heavenly Love and Earthly Love. With or without armour or robotic add-ons, the angel looks a nasty piece of work. I've combined the two pictures in order to compare them. Click the title link to visit Coxsoft Art's What's New page to view the 1014x768 graphic. Spot the two silly feathers painted on Cupid's bottom. A prudish addition by an inferior artist at a later date?


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