Saturday, 9 September 2006

Dirk Monteny

Dirk Monteny - left Apart, right A Sunken SpiralBelgium artist Dirk Monteny says "The chilly side of art is where my work is positioned. I hope it is not too distant to be seen." Not from where Coxsoft Art stands! For "chilly" read "cool". The latter implies sophistication in addition to goosebumps. Dirk studied traditional art techniques and photography in Brugge Art Academy and computer art at AKI Art Academy in the Netherlands. His graphics combine advanced fractal algorithms with artistic flare and restrained use of colour. The results can be eerie and alien, yet strangely familiar, like the bronze shield above that appears to be a shell. According to his record at Renderosity, he's posting on average a new graphic every two days. I can't wait for him to set up his own website and specify the fractal algorithms he's using. Are they his own or is he putting artistic gloss on existing algorithms? See more at Art4Heart.


At 11/11/08, Blogger Mark said...

At first a little introduction, I'm Dirk's nephew, Mark.
Unfortunaly, Dirk died on 4 november 2008 due to cancer.
He prepaired en catalogued his work for us.
In his final weeks en months, he asked me to keep posting his unpublished works on Renderosity and on his personal website.
It gave him peace to know his spirit will live on trough his artwork online.

His peronal site:

Dirk's Renderosity gallery:

At 12/11/08, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Dear Mark

I'm very sorry to learn of the death of your uncle. He was an original artist and I really admired his work. Please accept my condolences.

Thank you for the links. I'll visit them to select one of Dirk's graphics and post an obituary for him.


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