Friday, 15 June 2007

Frans Van Mieris Theft

Frans van Mieris - Self Portrait: A Cavalier (1657-59)Yesterday, the Rocks Police (an Aussie force) announced the brazen theft of a valuable work by Frans van Mieris from the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney: A Cavalier (actually a self portrait). It was stolen last Sunday (10 June) during opening hours, when more than 6,000 people visited the gallery! I've enhanced this graphic of the stolen painting, which is rather grubby. It's the size of a chess board, so a bit awkward to stuff up the leg of a pair of shorts. Rocks fuzz are scouring video footage for a man with a pronounced limp. Coxsoft Art bets the thief wore overalls. Nobody takes any notice of a man in overalls unscrewing something from a wall, even if that something is worth $1,000,000. People assume he's doing a legitimate job.


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