Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Comics Britannia

Dennis The Menace with Gnasher (The Beano, first published by DC Thomson in 1938)Couch potatoes with set-top boxes, cable TV or those embarrassing satellite dishes which tell the neighbours what a layabout you are will be pleased that something interesting and artistic is finally heading their way. BBC Four is celebrating Brit. comic strips with a three-part mini series, due to be screened in September 2007: Comics Britannia. Dennis the Menace and Gnasher will be on show, also Roy of the Rovers and the Bash Street Kids. Newfangled techno. stuff will allow you to step inside their worlds. And there will be interviews with some major illustrators, including Steve Ditko, one of the creators of Spider-Man. About time too. The Beeb has ignored popular culture for far too long. Coxsoft Art can't wait to hear Simon Schama psychoanalysing Desperate Dan. Cow pie, Prof?


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