Friday, 5 May 2006

Dino Jaws

Ten terrifyingly lifelike animatronic dinosaurs (made in Japan) have arrived at the Natural History Museum, London, UK. They're huge and they move! Scare the kids witless from 30 June 2006 until 15 April 2007. Dino Jaws promises to be a blockbuster of an exhibition. So don't turn up on spec. Book in advance. Entry is timed. Expensive at £21 for a family ticket, but members enter free. So think about becoming a member before you buy tickets. Click the title link for more info. plus a dino game!
Yes, but is it art? Depends how good it is. Modern art is all about shocking us out of our complacency (so the art pundits allege). Therefore, if it shocks you into a quivering jelly, it must be art! At least it should be more fun than the tripe at Tate Modern.


At 9/5/06, Blogger weggis said...

I like the Tate Modern! It's right next door to a Youngs pub and you can sit outside and watch the exhibits walk in and out. Much more entertaining!

At 10/5/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

The pub sounds an improvement. Do Tate's visitors carry candy floss and bags of popcorn? The only people I know who've visited Tate Modern spend their holidays in Disney Land. If Tate Modern were a proper art gallery, they wouldn't go near it. Have you tried the Tate's online patchwork quilt yet? Go on. I dare you.

At 12/5/06, Blogger weggis said...

There are two types. The tourists who wear baseball caps, t-shirts, shorts and sandles and have a myriad of necklaces made up of miniature japanese cameras, camcorders, ipods, personal attack alarms, digital diaries, satnavs etc and the more serious types who usually wear cordoroy with vegan leather elbow patches and have bubbles coming out of their mouths containing words like juxtoposition. Then there are the curious who enter with an air of expectancy and exit with an air of desperation heading straight for the Youngs pub.

At 13/5/06, Blogger Coxsoft Art said...

Brilliant description. Chortle, chortle. So, slightly less intelligent than the Disney crowd, but more pretentious, insecure and confused. Possibly anal-retentive as well.
You haven't heard the latest about Tate Modern. It's going to have skateboarders for the bank holiday weekend! I'm not kidding. Blog coming soon.


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